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Unlocking Creative Potential: The Resistance Release Workshop

When: Wednesday, December 6, 2023 from 7-8:45 pm

Where: 6 Lexington Ave. Magnolia, MA (Gloucester on the GPS)

Join us for an illuminating experience designed specifically for healers, artists, and conscious souls seeking to break free from the shackles of procrastination, self-doubt, and overthinking. 

Are you familiar with the sensation of holding back, avoiding or distracting yourself from desired situations, sensing the passage of time while yearning to take the next step, yet finding yourself unable to move forward?

This workshop is a culmination of a personal journey and the discovery of a powerful process - the Resistance Release Process - tailored to unleash your fullest potential and dissolve the barriers that hinder your creative expression.

Led by Nat Couropmitree, this transformative session promises to unveil the keys to unlock your true creative flow. Embrace a paradigm shift as you witness the remarkable results from this groundbreaking process.

This technique has propelled individuals towards achieving breakthroughs they once thought unattainable.

Experience transformations like:
  • Breaking free from weeks of procrastination to completing a long-awaited project.
  • Gaining clarity and direction after being stagnant in business for an extended period.
  • Cultivating newfound confidence and self-expression in one's work.
  • Embracing a more balanced and centered approach in overwhelming situations.
  • Unleashing an influx of new opportunities and ideas.

This workshop is a sanctuary for those seeking to conquer resistance in any form—whether it's self-doubt, hesitancy in self-expression, or difficulty in embracing joy and relaxation.
Embrace the chance to liberate your creative spirit and embark on a journey of self-discovery toward expanded potential and abundance. 
About Nat:
Nat Couropmitree is a multifaceted guide and mentor. He created the Releasing Resistance Process to help clients create freedom and thrive in their lives and businesses. He supports ambitious coaches, healers, and entrepreneurs to overcome self-sabotage, resistance,
and a conditional relationship with themselves so they can thrive, succeed in their purpose, and stay true to themselves.