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Enhancing Your Reiki Skills

Pre-requisite: Must be at least Reiki two certified because we will be using a Reiki symbol in week 2. 

Join Grace Harrington Murdoch on a 3-week journey to enhance your Reiki skills and knowledge. 

Week One: The Cultural Roots of Reiki ~ In this class, I will be going over the cultural background that underlies Reiki and its roots in Japan. We will be talking more in-depth about Chujiro Hayashi, Hawayo Takata, and their life stories. We will give more of the cultural narrative that was occurring at the time Reiki was birthed by Dr. Usui. We will also talk about the different styles of healing at that time and how Reiki set itself apart from those styles. And we will also talk about Reiki and how it shared a connection to high-ranking naval officers.  Several Reiki book resources will be shared as well. 

Week Two:
How to access the Akashic Records through the Distance Healing Reiki symbol ~ In this class we will be going over a channeled method that my guides taught me on how to use the Distance Healing symbol to access the Akashic records. We will practice on one another and open up to this dimension. The technique is simple and powerful.

Week Three: Clearing the Energetic Field of your clients. In this class, we will discuss some techniques to clear your client's electromagnetic field (aura) during or after a Reiki session.  I will teach you about three tools you can utilize: Crystals, Flower Essences, and Essential Oils. All of these will amplify your healing work in positive ways. Recommendations will be given where to acquire crystals, essences, and oils as well. 

A special note for Reiki Teachers: You can purchase my recordings and pdf's as part of your class bundle for your future students for an additional $55 to listen to on their own or within your class setting. Think of it as having a guest teacher in your classes, or bonus materials for your students. 

Please do not copy/reproduce this material as your own. But please feel free to share it with your students as is. 

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