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Finding Your Mask: The Astrology of Your Rising Sign



Join Grace Harrington Murdoch, Astrologer and Healer to learn how to work with & play with your rising sign to feel more connected, safe, confident, and secure in who you are. 

We all have masks we wear, and while a good deal of modern spirituality wants us to disarm all our masks, in Astrology we celebrate the masks you wear.  Why?

Your rising sign is a vital way that you can play with archetypes that help you feel safer in the rest of your life and natal chart.  It is also a way to lead with your energy that feels good in new situations. 

Have you ever gone on a date and revealed your whole self right off the bat, only to have regretted it later?

Having a mask you are aware of can help you with pacing, with feeling more secure in yourself, and even more confidence in all kinds of social situations. 

It also can be very fun to play with, as you embody your Rising sign with your sense of style! You get to play with your Rising sign like an actor or actress plays with their character.  It can be a pleasurable experience.

We will go over all 12 Rising signs, qualities you can lean into, and common ways of spotting those rising signs as well. 

Have your natal chart handy from www.astro.com and knowing your Rising sign before class can also be helpful! I will show an example of how to find it if you don’t know as well. 



I have been performing what I like to call Narrative Astrology readings for the last 6 years and studying Astrology for the last 11 years. I designed a course called Astrological Storytelling years ago, which has since been expanded upon in this course. As an English major and author, I believe the power in chart interpretation lies in your ability to communicate the story a chart is telling. This comes through being able to understand themes, plots, the past , present and future. And so much more. I have taught many Astrology classes all over New England, and it is my passion to share my favorite resources with my students to help empower them to understand themselves, their clients, and the great big Universe and beyond! I also was a ghost-writer for Pusheen's cat-themed horoscopes, which was such a fun gig last year until they decided to shift gears. And I do weekly Astrology updates on my Youtube channel as well: https://www.youtube.com/c/graceharringtonmurdoch 

My other extensive background is as a healer and healing arts teacher. I bring healing principles into readings as well so that you can support your client towards growth and empowerment. I believe we can all heal through our birth chart and understand it as well. I once had shaman say to me that I needed to believe people could heal through a piece of paper. I believe that wholeheartedly now with Astrology and with the written word and am excited to share this philosophy and experience with you all. You can visit my website for readings and more at: www.flowersandstars.org & www.flowersandstarsshop.com . Thank you for visiting my course and I am again so thankful you have joined me on this incredible journey of self-discovery!

Love, Grace