Imagine creating a business that expands your Soul and allows you to live out your passion every single day.

Manifesting Your Magical Business is a proven system for healers, creatives, magic makers, and more helping you manifest and create the business of your Soul’s dreams through energetic and practical methods.

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Manifesting Your Magical Business is a right fit if you are

  • A Healer, Creative, Magic Maker, Astrologer, Tarot reader, Medium, or Intuitive that wants to step into their true Soul's calling and share your gifts and magic with the world
  • An entrepreneur ready to start a business but you don’t know where to start
  • A magic maker that has been in business for a few years and needs to shift their mindset into abundance and prosperity
  • Someone who is ready to say yes to their dreams and make a living out of what they love
  • A person who is ready to step into their full power and potential, doing the internal clearing work to get there
  • Someone who leads their creative or healing business from their heart and soul and wants to create an energetically aligned business that feels good

What MYMB students are saying...

"Manifesting your Magical Business, in its first iteration, was exactly what I needed to leap forward with confidence, fully into my Holistic Practice. The ongoing support and growing community is a gift. Don’t hesitate to take a class if it’s calling to you!"

Gurdeep B.

"Thought of you today, Grace. I taught my first Reiki level one attunement (what a gift to be able to bring more healers into the world!) anyway, my student mentioned to me how she’s noticed a big change in me this year and I attributed it to being “in the flow” and I immediately thought of the “Manifesting Your Magical Biz” class I took with you at the start of the pandemic, because we talked a lot about being “in the flow” Flow is everything! My god, it’s such a beautiful place to be. And the more you are in it, the more you recognize when you are out of it. I’ve been more in the flow since the pandemic than I had been for an entire year prior. It’s nice to remember what it feels like. Endless possibilities!

Also, I recommended that this student reach out to you for a chart reading! She’d love it!!!"

-Kendra Raymond

"I highly recommend this class and loved it so much that I've taken it twice now! Grace is a natural-born teacher, who not only explains things clearly and compassionately, but embodies her message. I learned SO much from this class - shifting my limiting beliefs, goal setting, and marketing ideas for healers, plus so much more. I'll probably take it again at some point! 

- Shiela LaSalle

Your Magical Business is calling and the world is waiting for you to share your gifts


Now, more than ever people are stepping into their Soul’s calling and creating the business of their dreams. There’s this inner truth and knowing that’s being awakened in us all. 

Can you feel it? 

Have you heard your magical business calling you?!

The one that says to you “This, is the magic you must create and share in the world. The time is now. Let’s create it!” 

So you declare, “Yes! I’ll share my magic with the world!”

But how and where do you even begin? 

Like so many of my past students in Manifesting Your Magical Business before they joined, they too didn’t have the roadmap or guidance to take the actionable steps in manifesting the business of their dreams. Now, they do.

Manifesting Your Magical Business is a sacred container to nurture you in all aspects of your magical business, so you can get that energy flowing and start growing.

Sure you can take all the time you want and research on the internet and attend lots of webinars to piecemeal the information together, but wouldn’t it be nice to actually START your magical business, TODAY with a community cheering you on?!

In this 8-week course, I give you all my tips and tricks to help you create the business of your dreams.

This is the exact roadmap I created to go from working three jobs to creating the magical business of my dreams, making six figures, and taking one week off per month. 

That’s right! I take off one week per month- 12 weeks a year plus more time when needed and I still am connected to my business flow, have time for my other passions, family, friends, and whatever my Soul desires. 

So join me and other like-minded Souls in manifesting the magical business of your dreams. 

Your authentic magic and healing need to be expressed in the world while living in abundance and we can get there together.

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By the end of the program you will:

identify the top limiting beliefs magical business owners carry, and you will learn how to shift these beliefs for good
create several practical action steps you can take right away to begin to grow your business and gain clarity on your goals
identify the primary ways you can align the energy of your business and attract a steady flow of ideal clients
learn inexpensive systems and marketing to get your business packaged and ready for the public
align your mindset, boundaries, and body to match your business goals and desires creating more ease and flow
feel totally confident to hit the ground running and create your magical business


Hi! I'm so glad you're here! 

I'm Grace Harrington Murdoch, founder of this course, Manifesting Your Magical Business as well as my other big course, Narrative Astrology. 

I manifested my magical business of Healing , Astrology & Teaching as well as making magical goods for others 13 years ago! And I went full-time over 10 years ago, with the ability to leave behind all the jobs I no longer resonated with. 
Several years back I hit the 6 figure mark in my biz and I have almost hit double six-figures this past year as well, which was super exciting.  I walk the walk and talk the talk. 
The unique thing about me is that I did this largely through internal work and following my intuition, which I am so excited to teach you about throughout this course. I also did it through really understanding the metaphysical laws of the Universe. 
I have been extensively trained in energy work, and so create safe and high vibe containers for my students to learn, grow and expand. 
And I love assisting my fellow magical biz owners to come out of the spiritual closet and share their light with the world. 
Your light is needed and I can't wait for you to be able to shine it AND be supported with abundance & inner peace around your work. 
Hope you will join me for this course. 
Let's create some magic together!

Here’s an outline of our 8 weeks together

Week 1:
Shifting your beliefs from lack to abundance. This week we will address the shadow beliefs we carry and help you clear out your energetic closet. We will use two belief clearing techniques to help us get there! This work is key to creating your solid business foundation internally. 

Week 2: Creating a solid foundation through intention and energetic clearing. This week you will get clear on our goals, how much time you need for them, and a technique to keep your energetic systems clear and attract what you want. 

Week 3: This week is juicy as you get to design our dream schedule. You'll learn to flow and manifest with the cycles of the moon & we will talk about the power of love to activate your business as well as the power of delegation.

Week 4: We're getting down to brass tacks this week, and learning how to make embodied decisions. You'll learn why your body is the holy grail and how being at one with your body amplifies your business. And I'll share some very practical biz marketing strategies.

Week 5: I'll give you ten ways to boost your business this week, go over the business of taxes & write-offs as well as learn how to pivot to open doors. This week even has a great meditation to align to your true self as well.

Week 6: l'll be sharing how to balance the masculine and feminine in your business model this week. We’ll also explore daily affirmations for abundance and flow and a tapping technique as well to continue to clear any excess baggage. I'm also going to teach you further about ways that you can delegate to make more room for what you want.

Week 7: You will learn how to create successful classes that captivate your students. I'll also teach you the simple keys to running online courses and share some helpful money tracking worksheets and suggested apps.

Week 8: We'll talk about the legalities of starting a business, work with my favorite online scheduler, talk about creating business memberships, and more. This week we'll make sure your purpose is extra clear with a worksheet that helps you sort it all out to make sure you are good to go! 

Live Calls Coaching Calls

6 Live Coaching Calls from 7 pm - 8:30 pm EST. These are 90-minute Zoom calls and a recording will be made available.

We’ll have a Welcome call on the first day of class on June 22nd.

Coaching Calls are on the following days: June 22nd, July 6th, July 13th, July 20th, August 3rd, & August 10th  

PLUS…Starting in September, we’ll have a once-a-month live coaching call on the second Wednesday of each month from 12 noon - 1 pm EST. These calls are designed to offer you support and community throughout the year as you build your magical biz. We’ll cover lots of topics and can ask questions during the calls. These calls will be held from September through May and run yearly until I decide to stop them. But this year we are on!

Private Facebook Community 
We all need community and support when we’re embracing our Magical biz. In this private Facebook community, you’ll get to ask questions, learn from others, and have a supportive container to be held in while you manifest your magical biz. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Our community of Magical Business makers is ever-growing and we know you have questions. Here are our most commonly asked questions, and of course if you have any other questions, reach out to us at [email protected] and we'd be happy to help!

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Need extra support and guidance to help in your magical biz?

Get access to Grace with two additional 1:1 Coaching sessions with her during the course plus Voxer Support during the entire 8 weeks of the course (valued at $477)!

  • Call One: business brainstorming session. One of my intuitive gifts is being able to see how someone may expand their biz with their own gifts. This will be a super productive call resulting in lots of actionable steps for you to take now. 
  • Call Two: How to launch your magical biz and get it going – or how to pivot it to be more aligned for their business style. 
  • Voxer support during your entire 8 weeks on Fridays from 11 am - 3 pm EST.

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