Discover the secrets of your Soul's blueprint 

Narrative Astrology

Friday, March 22nd, 2024


Are you ready to learn who you really are?


Are you curious about the art of Astrology? 

Do you want to dive deep into learning how the Stars shape your life path? 

Step into one of the greatest journeys you’ll ever take in exploring who you are at a Soul level, and join us for Narrative Astrology! This 10-month online Astrology course will guide you in understanding the hidden story within natal charts.

Narrative Astrology is for Beginner to Intermediate Astrologers to learn to interpret birth charts like you are telling a story.

You'll gain incredible insight into yourself and others through this lens, as well as be able to begin to design rich narratives for the charts you will be studying that your clients will LOVE!

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You deserve to know your true Soul's path

With an extensive digestible 10 month program complete with monthly calls, an online forum, and community,  Narrative Astrology is the course your Soul has been waiting for.




Your journey of learning to weave Astrology and Storytelling in a brand new way will also include all the tools and practical framework you need to be able to give astrology sessions by the end of the course. 

I get how abstract Astrology can feel.

It took me TEN YEARS of study to read my first chart for a fee.

But this material will help you get there in TEN MONTHS!!

I have condensed everything I learned into one course that will bring it all down to earth in ways that you can do chart interpretation in impactful ways for your clients. 

The mathematics of Astrology is so so important, but we also must be able to get to the heartbeat of a chart to be able to do meaningful and expansive readings. Narrative Astrology sets a solid foundation for you to find out how to begin to do this.

This course will prepare you for doing what I call “soul mapping” in Astrology which I feel is at the heart of any well-done reading.

We'll help people understand where their soul has been and where it is going. This alone gives your clients such rich information to guide their life!



Learn who you are at a Soul level by understanding the language of the stars and interpreting birth charts  

  • Gain a solid foundation of Astrology 
  • Align your life experience with your true Soul’s blueprint 
  • Understand how you relate with others and the world around you
  • Guide your life with the wisdom of Astrology 
  • Share the gift of Astrology with others if you choose

It’s time to expand yourself like never before.

Month One & Two : Astrological Storytelling basics (10 hours)

*Covering the Archetypes of the Signs

*The Planets & their meanings as the Main Characters in the story

*Aspects & Houses - Navigating the Settings & Actions in the chart

*Chiron & Lilith - An in-depth look at Two of my Favorite Asteroids

*The Four Angles in the Chart & their Meanings

Month Three & Four: The Trajectory of the Soul & Creating Context (10 hours)

*Where is the Soul going and where has it been: Studying the North Node, South Node & Midheaven

*What Generation was the Soul born into and what is this Soul group doing to create a Social Impact?

*An in depth look at Pluto and its impact on the generations

*House Rulerships

*Introduction to Communication skills & Ethics in Astrology

Month Five & Six: Mapping Themes & Hidden Symbolism (10 hours)

*Using the Sabian Symbols to Map the underlying Channeled Pattern & Finding Hidden Themes

*Introduction to Asteroid work & Interpretation

*Mapping your Own Chart's Story

*Ethics, Communication and the Role of an Astrologer (part two)

Months Seven & Eight: Cycles, Cycles, Cycles (10 hours):

*Introduction to Transits & Progressions

*Planetary Meanings that underpin Major Transits

*The Cycles of the Moon & their Meanings

*The Wheel of the year With Astrologer Cathy Walker 

*Eclipses and their meanings

*Critical Degrees and the Symbolic Meaning of Planetary Glyphs

Months Nine & Ten: Putting it all together (9 hours)

*Examining Themes, Plots and Action in a Chart

*Advanced Information on Progressions

*Preparing for a Reading (tips, tools, timing & mindset)

*Introduction to Health in a Chart - Houses, Planets and Signs as it relates to the Human body

*Finding the Fire in Your Chart - an in depth way of working with the elements

BONUS MONTH: Astrology and Magick - A break from the Narrative and bringing the chart further into the realm of Healing & Possibility (6 hours)

*Moon-ifesting (How to manifest with the Cycles of the Moon)

*Astrology and Essential oils

*Working with Zodiac Flower essences for your own chart & Self-exploration

 *Embodying Astrology with Mudras and Yoga Postures with Carianne Bonjorno

The starry details 

Narrative Astrology is an online course curated with a mixture of 11 monthly live online calls (90 minutes) and a library of pdfs and videos to support each module.

You'll have a private online platform that houses the course and can use the forum for Q+A.

We start Friday, March 22nd from 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm EST

And the remaining calls are on the second Friday of the month through January 2025.

All calls are recorded and emailed to the students within 24 hours of the call.

These calls are yours to keep for good, and so is any of the materials online. You can always refer back to these materials as you learn the foundations of Astrology. 


May-December on the first Monday of the month from 2-3:30pm EST 

Show up and troubleshoot anything from our materials with me via Zoom. If nobody comes I will be doing other Astrological work to pass the time.  But am there for support.

Hours: 50 hours (This course may take slightly longer to complete, but you will have at least this much material to work with between videos, pdfs, homework, and live calls each month.)

There will be 1-2 books per month recommended reading, which can be purchased online, in bookstores, or gathered from your local library. You'll start a solid Astrological library which is also an awesome perk of this course!

This is a unique perspective on Astrology and one that will help you narrate the story of a birth chart and give guidance where needed. 

Yes, I want in!





Hi, I’m Grace Harrington Murdoch and I’ve been performing what I like to call Narrative Astrology readings for almost a decade. Astrology for me is a lifelong learning journey into expanding our consciousness of the Universe to better understand ourselves as human beings, our relationships with others and the world around us. 

Astrology is our Soul’s language. It helps us know our true Soul's blueprint and live our life in a way that is aligned to what our Soul came here to do. 

And in Narrative Astrology I’ll show you how to understand the language of the stars in a down-to-earth way that is easily digestible and, with dedication 

I designed a course called Astrological Storytelling years ago, which has since been expanded upon in this course. 

As an English major and author, I believe the power in chart interpretation lies in your ability to communicate the story a chart is telling. This comes through being able to understand themes, plots, the past, present, and future. 

And so much more. I’ve taught many Astrology classes all over New England, and it’s  my passion to share my favorite resources with my students to help empower them to understand themselves, their clients, and the great big Universe and beyond! 

Also, as a healer and healing arts teacher. I bring healing principles into readings as well so that you can support your client towards growth and empowerment. I believe we can all heal through our birth chart and understand it as well. 

Join us for this 10 month adventure and I’ll show you what I’ve learned in 10 years, and empower you to become the Astrologer you know you are! 

I can’t wait to share the wisdom of the Universe with you and guide you along the journey of self-discovery. 

Love, Grace 

What our Community is Saying


This course provided a fresh and exciting new way to look at astrology. Even as someone who spent a lot of time learning about astrology, there was endless amounts of information I did not know about until I took this course. Grace has an infectious cheerful attitude towards astrology that can't help but make you feel energized and ecstatic as well. You will be prepared for in-depth readings after doing all the work, but you will also be able to paint a vivid story for your client as well. I had an amazing time overall, and Grace was and still will be phenomenal to work with. If you want to learn the ins and outs of astrology and have fun while doing it, then this is the course for you!

Zachary M.

I’ve been to see Grace multiple times for astrology, energy healing work… and I love every second of our time together. Grace is such a loving healer who holds so much space for you when you are in her presence. Her shop is unbelievable, the big fireplace is a dream. It welcomes you in, giving off a super cozy vibe.The astrology readings she gives are off the charts amazing. She reads your chart in a way that’s understandable and inspiring. The most recent reading that she gave me led me to pursue my life’s purpose and for that, I am so grateful of and for her! Whenever I can, I refer Grace to family, friends… anyone who is looking for more in their life and doesn’t know where to start. I can’t say enough great words about Grace… you’re missing out if you haven’t been to see her yet!!

Gina P. 

Grace is an amazing teacher of astrology!

I have to share this with y’all because Grace's Narrative Astrology program has taken this here life student of astrology and to evolved me into becoming a chart caster and reader:)

If you have- or you know someone who has- an interest in astrology this program is so incredible to:

Introduce and understand the basics

Learn the layers to a birth chart

Open to the depths astrology offers

See ALLLLL the never ending ways you can work with astrology

AND this program is built to help you learn just for fun or make it a thing you do in the world!

I am beyond grateful for Graces guidance and support through her program... and I think if you want to learn more this would be a perfect place to start.. or continue;)

Narrative Astrology is almost a year long program and has a mix of personal work, group support check ins/work if you choose, live meetings that are recorded, mentoring, and awesome connections to understand Self and others- as well as making new astrology friends.

Christabeth I.

"I have waited my entire life to have my birth chart done. Grace was worth the wait! She was so thorough and had a beautiful way of explaining the details. It was utterly fascinating and confirmed so many aspects of my life. I could tell that she really spent a lot of time and effort with my chart. I can’t wait to see her for energy work! She is so talented and has a true gift! A rare find, indeed!"

Whitney S.

Grace’s course breaks astrology down in a practical and engaging way. Before taking Grace’s course, I had tried to learn astrology through books many times and always felt overwhelmed by how technical even beginner’s books can be. This course provides access to a wonderful, supportive community of learners. Grace is generous with sharing her knowledge and resources. I looked forward to new monthly materials and meet-ups with great anticipation and joy. I came away with deep insights into myself and the know-how to provide readings to others. This course sparked a passion for astrology that will be a life-long pursuit 

Michael B. 

I'm writing to express my gratitude after completing the 11 month Narrative Astrology course with Grace at Flowers and Stars. The course was a welcomed deep dive into astrology and Grace has a wealth of wisdom and first hand experience that she brings to each session. I have been interested in astrology for years and have some basic knowledge and this course allowed me to connect lots of dots and gain a much wider perspective. Grace provides a safe, non-judgmental, relaxed, and FUN environment for exploration. If you're a beginner or have some astrology experience you would like to take to the next level, I highly recommend this class (the class had students of all levels). The Narrative aspect of weaving your own story, intuition, and interpretations into the material truly helps you own what you are studying. Grace puts a huge amount of information into bite-sized pieces, is very available to answer questions and support your process, and creates a truly warm and inspiring learning atmosphere. Thank you!

Noreen S. 

Grace is a master teacher and makes astrology accessible and fun to learn. Her course is thoughtfully designed and approachable. I loved the combination of recommended reading and her own writing. This class has left me with a solid foundation in astrology, the confidence to understand (and help others) with a birth chart and a desire to keep digging deeper into astrological topics. 
Ashley F. 



YES! Astrology will help guide you along this ever soul expanding life journey and give you the light needed to go within and be your own compass.

Whether you're just dipping you're toes into Astrology or have been studying the stars for years, Narrative Astrology will give you the educational foundation and tools needed to understand the language of Astrology and feel confident in helping yourself and others interpret birth charts.

Plus by the end of this course, you'll be able to give readings to others (if you choose to do so)!

Join us for this Soul empowering journey today! 


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