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Earth Day Support


Happy Earth Day– one of my favorite days of the year.  Celebrating the earth and supporting it feels like one of the most important spiritual tasks of our lifetime to me. Part of realizing this comes through first experiencing the wonder and beauty of nature. 

My most vivid memories as a little girl involve nature. 

Chasing bumblebees and butterflies, collecting rocks and stones, making blush from ground up bricks in the back of my schoolyard, spending time at my grandfather’s lake and swimming there.  

If ever I was having a hard day at home, I would pop on my rollerblades, and go cruising around the neighborhood.  And as soon as I looked at the sky, I would feel peace and space around everything.  

Nature heals.  It supports.  

This is why I work with it in my practice– the flowers and stones, the water, and the elements.  

I wonder if you knew you could even find planet earth in your natal chart. It is always exactly opposite your sun.  

The symbol for it is: a circle with a cross in the center.  

While it represents where you are standing as you look up at the cosmos, I also feel it stands for more. 

A signal into how we can relate to the earth.  

For me it is in my house of values, and it is truly one thing I care about so deeply.  

Stay tuned later this week for a signature flower essence I am launching that combines the flowers and the stars in a brand new way for me, and a portion of the proceeds will be going to one of my favorite earth creatures, the Manatee.  

But I also wanted to share some of my favorite practices today that could bring you into more connection with yourself and nature.  

Many of you know, I absolutely love Yoga With Adriene… she was such a great support to me through the entire pandemic, and the very first video that found me of hers was this earth day video!

Earth Day Yoga Practice:


I had been looking for a grounding yoga practice, and this one really did the trick. It catapulted my yoga practice into becoming an almost daily practice for me, versus a once every couple weeks sort of thing.  

This would be a great practice for today! 

Another awesome thing you could do today would be to grab a pair of gloves and a small trash bag and wander around your neighborhood, picking up waste that you find.  I have always noticed that after winter the litter is more visible, and you will be surprised what gets left around. 

Or simply take a moment to appreciate something in nature that supports you.  Perhaps it is the sunshine that gives you Vitamin D.  Perhaps it is the water you drink everyday but maybe take it for granted. Perhaps it is the flowers that bring you sparks of joy.  Whatever it is, take a moment of gratitude. 

I believe gratitude channels good energy into our lives and the lives of those around us.  I bet you could make a whole list of things you are grateful for from the earth. 

It’s also a great day to donate to, or shop in alignment with the earth today.  Find businesses that work with sustainable materials.  Shop secondhand or vintage.  Find a way to re-use something in your home that you would otherwise toss away.  

There are so many ways to support and be supported by the earth.  

Here is a little grounding meditation I wrote a few years back that may help you as well at anytime to connect with the ground within your body, mind and soul.


Happy Earth Day y’all!! She is the only Earth we got, so let’s be mindful of her more often. 

With Love, Grace


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