Grace Harrington Murdoch (she/her/hers)


Welcome to Flowers & Stars Shop. My name is Grace Harrington Murdoch! 

I started this shop to assist metaphysical seekers on their path to greater wellness, joy, expansion and inner freedom.  Combining classes, high vibe goods, as well as healing and astrology services, I hope you find exactly what you are looking for.

A little about me:

I am a spiritual healer, seeker, teacher, astrologer, & magic maker who found my way into this work through incredible synchronicities as I was serving others.  

The deeper I went into service, the more the Universe showed me there were so many alternative and natural ways of supporting people to feel at their very best. 

I work a lot with flower essences, crystals, and natural remedies to support my clients as well as energetic healing & astrology.  

I see myself as a weaver of modalities, because no one size fits all with my clients & students.  I like my work to be specific for my clients & students, so we can dive deep into exactly what is needed for healing. 

I am the author of The Crystal Universe Deck, an oracle deck that combines Astrology and Crystals.  And I also wrote a book called Child Awake, to help bring spiritual healing to the inner child and children as well.  

Some things that my clients & students report unlocking when working with me are: more vibrant health, joy and embodiment, re-connection to their cutting edge of growth, & trust of who they are as souls.  

I am a Sagittarius Sun, Scorpio Moon and Gemini Rising with a stellium in the house of health & healing. Surprise surprise! When I am not doing this work, you can find me traveling to new places, writing, rollerblading, learning new things, and enjoying as much nature time as possible! 

I am excited to have you here and hope to see more of you inside my classes and the community!  

You can find me at : (for healings)  & (for classes) . And you can find me @graceharringtonmurdoch on instagram! 


Katy Blackman (she/her/hers)


Katy Blackman is a long-time meditator, devotee, and certified iRest teacher of 14 years offering 1-1 sessions to support women and non-binary folx in unwinding limiting beliefs, working with challenging emotions, and having more peace in daily life.


Katy's work and life are deeply influenced by the teachings of iRest and Advaita Non-dualism as well as the natural world. After several years in South India focused on her meditation practice, Katy now resides in the USA where she loves taking long walks, studying Vedic chanting and learning how to cook Himalayan food from her husband.


Learn more at or find her meditations on insight timer at