Grace Harrington Murdoch (she/her/hers)

Grace is a multidimensional healer who has been curating her rainbow array of metaphysical tools and skills for over 15 years now. 

She always knew she wanted to do something to help heal others, but she did not know that journey would also take her down a path of healing herself first.  

Through alternative healing Grace not only healed physical issues for herself like Asthma, she also healed her mind and spirit of anxiety, abundance blocks and more. 

Grace found her passions and health through embodying her own soul nature and allowing for her heart's full expression.  

She carries energetic frequencies that assists others in awakening to the Divinity of their soul, which to her expresses itself like a rainbow within and around them.  

Through this journey she has been involved deeply in both learning and teaching many different crafts to hundreds of students. As well as performing thousands of 1:1 healing sessions.  She has also helped create a strong local community of healers, astrologers, budding herbalists, metaphysicians and more. 

It is her joy to not only teach and share but to also embody a new type of economy where collaboration is Queen and soul-care is Foundational.  In this way she has woven in a diverse community of teachers and guides who share in the same principles of this new wave and are here to deeply support and be supported along their journey. 

Some things that Grace is extensively trained in and has taught before are: Polarity Therapy, Usui Reiki, Astrology; Flower Essences; Crystal Healing; the Munay Ki Rites; Inner Child healing; Holistic Health; Energy Reading ; Manifesting Your Magical Business, and more. 

She is so excited to share all of her skillset with you all and help you grow and expand. 

Instagram: @graceharringtonmurdoch