3 Ways to Read an Astrology Chart to Understand Your Soul's Blueprint

Learn how to interpret your own unique astrological birth chart and use that information to guide your life path with the grounding energy of knowing you're on the path made just for you. 

Access your own unique guidance through your astrological birth chart

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Hi, I’m Grace Harrington Murdoch and I’ve been performing what I like to call Narrative Astrology readings for almost a decade. Astrology for me is a lifelong learning journey into expanding our consciousness of the Universe to better understand ourselves as human beings, our relationships with others and the world around us.

Astrology is our Soul’s language. It helps us know our true Soul's blueprint and live our life in a way that is aligned to what our Soul came here to do.

As an English major and author, I believe the power in chart interpretation lies in your ability to communicate the story a chart is telling. This comes through being able to understand themes, plots, the past, present, and future.

Understanding your natal chart can bring so much clarity in understanding your soul's blueprint.  It's my passion to share my favorite resources with my students to help empower them to understand themselves, their clients, and the great big Universe and beyond!

Also, as a healer and healing arts teacher. I bring healing principles into readings as well so that you can support your client towards growth and empowerment. I believe we can all heal through our birth chart and understand it as well.

I can't wait to share how you can begin to empower yourself through understanding your birth chart.

Are you ready?!

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Love, Grace 

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